Hate : Tremendum


It’s clear that Hate hold nostalgia for the pagan beliefs that pre-dated the spread of Christianity to Slavic culture, as well as hatred directed at the spread of Christianity.
The hatred manifests through the relentless energy of the album. Tremendum is largely guitar-driven, with tremolo guitars of black metal heritage presenting a wall of sound, interspersed with solos. The drums are an essential ingredient to the mix, with constant double-kicks and insistent blast beats providing a sense of constant movement throughout. Hate's best musical achievement is maintaining this energy while ensuring it doesn’t overwhelm.
The nostalgia emerges also through the use of chord progressions and scales with a distinctly Mesopotamian or Asian feel. This feeling is especially strong in Indestructible Pillar, making this one of the only songs in the album that really stands out from the mix. Hate don’t exist in a void. It’s easy to hear where they draw musical inspiration from, and there’s nothing really ground-breaking about this album. However, that isn’t to say that they haven't adopted a style of their own, and Tremendum is undoubtedly a convincing and compelling listen that leaves the listener hard pressed to stop mid-way through the album.
By Samuel Gaffney