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Harvest Festival Reveal Garden Stage Lineup

Hidden deep in the foliage of all three Harvest sites nestles The Garden Stage, home of funk, reggae, disco, electro, retro and exotica, each city's Garden Stage will feature their best homegrown DJs from cult radio shows and from their thriving underground club scenes.

For Melbourne, this means DJ Manchild, performing at both the Saturday and Sunday festivals, as well as shameless and relentless DJ duo Smoking Toddlers, Australia's first lady of Disco, Melbourne DJ and radio host CC:DISCO.
Resident in Melbourne’s Ding Dong Lounge, Samariten will be performing at the Saturday only, as will Dublin Aunts, spreading their own brand of electronic funk and disco.
Pierre Baroni will be found at the Garden Stage at the Sunday festival, as well as accomplished DJ and radio show presenter Stryka D while Pablo will also let loose some funk and soul belters.

Tickets to Saturday November 10 Harvest Festival at Werribee Park are still available via the Harvest Festival website. All tickets to Harvest Festival on Sunday November 11 are sold out.