Harmony : Double Negative

There isn’t a lot not to like about Melbourne six-piece Harmony’s sophomore release Double Negative.

Suitably the album’s opening song ‘I Love You’ opens with what many fans love most about the band – choral section Erica Dunn, Amanda Roff, and Quinn Veldhuis softly and harmoniously together before Tom Lyngcoln begins to sing in his signature rich-yet-forlorn voice. The funeral-like pace of the song, and the inherent enmity between the choral section’s perfect pitch and Lyngcoln’s variable baritone highlights the band’s appealing paradox.

‘Love Is A Chemical High’ is a deliciously playful sidestep from the oft morose tone of the band, with an almost adolescently simple guitar line bouncing between the tight rhythm of drummer and bassist Alex Lyngcoln.

The fact that Alex is Tom’s wife adds a peripheral sincerity and back-story to the album’s themes, yet it does draw an easy comparison to US slowcore act Low – and in a twist of unintended repetition that further aligns the two bands – later this month Low will release an album also called Double Negative.

P.S. for those playing at home, this review opens with a double negative.