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Grouplove : Never Trust A Happy Song

September saw the release of Los Angeles quintet Grouplove's debut album Never Trust A Happy Song. With odd up's of cringe-worthy lyrics and cute summer melodies, to the heart-wrenching and despairing downs, Grouplove's debut is not a great piece of work, but an endearing and engaging listen that captures your imagination.

Beginning with one of those aforementioned downs is Itchin' On A Photograph; Christian Zucconi's lead vocals possessing a distraught timbre. It could be accused of being grating, however it helps carry the anguished nature of the song, also featured on the debut single Colours. The combination of Zucconi's voice and a lonesome acoustic guitar riff creates a lull, before romantic strings swell in and out of the song. Keyboardist Hannah Hooper helps out with vocal duties on Naked Kids, to no real benefit of the song, making the awkward lyrics even feel more so: "Clumbsy, Sandy dunes/Hot day, mid-June/Naked kids, running wild, and free."


Chloe exhumes an Elvis Costello-esque rock and roll number; light hearted and fun like a barnyard dance. Hooper's voice works well for Love Will Save Your Soul, close to replicating a similar heartening distress reminiscent of Zucconi, who's alluring voice closes the album with Close Your Eyes And Count To Ten. The song breaks through a sombre introduction to bloom into a big ballad with distorted synthesized sounds whirling in and out of echoing guitar, a call and response happening between the band's front man and lady.


Grouplove's Never Trust a Happy Song is a sonic sugar-rush; it's a youthful experience where you do trip over your feet a few times, but after picking yourself up, you keep on dancing.



Best Track: Tie between Colours or Close Your Eyes And Count To Ten



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In A Word: Careless (in a good way)