Grenadiers : Find Something You Love And Let It Kill You

The groundswell of noise coming from the Aussie rock scene has been slowly building to a fever pitch for a while now, but Grenadiers are doing their best to bring that rumbling to a crescendo with Find Something You Love And Let It Kill You.

A mix of punk rock, heavy rock and hardcore – really just all things rock’n’roll – the third LP from the Adelaide trio is a rollicking journey through everyday Australian life, though shown through an obscure lens.
Each member of the trio has their own time to shine on the album, and when combined the result is pretty special. Jimmy on the drums is a particular force – where would heavy music be without the drums, after all? His beats and grooves are quick, powerful, inventive, and really drive everything forward. It’s a real headbangers’ delight.
Singles ‘Suburban Life’ and ‘Long Way Down’ are probably the two most radio-friendly tracks of the bunch, but there are some proper gems here that are just crying out to be discovered. ‘Ramona’ is the perfect closer and showcases Grenadiers total range over its five-minute run. For some damn excellent rock, look no further than your own backyard and check this one out.