Gospel Dance: Gospel Dance

Gospel Dance is the new lateral venture into musical bricolage for Melbourne’s E-wah Lady. Whether she’s contributing to local label Peak Plasma Concentration Records, performing solo, being accompanied by The Open Road, blogging about all things anthropological or expressing herself through illustration; E-wah Lady will create something attention-grabbing, honest and unique.

Gospel Dance is no different. I’m Gonna Spill is an opening track centering around a seductive and soulful vocal that swells amongst simple percussion and electric guitar. It’s followed by the equally intense and emotive Only Know My Way Around One Body.


Two things stand out about Gospel Dance. Firstly, E-wah Lady has the vocal capabilities to suit her many musical temperaments and tones. Secondly, she utilises the most diverse implements and instruments for this purest of solo records.


Instead of bombarding the listener with a plethora of odd sounds derived from odd objects though, she instead selects the sounds and textures that carefully align to make poignant impacts on each individual track. The inventory includes: sleigh bells, rock, grit, red teapot, brandy bulbs, wall, eggs, zoolophone and Chinese toy piano.


Walk The Lower Ground is vocally mature while Nobody Cares offers an almost childlike falsetto; a wonderful contrast to the mesmerising, crackling turntable needle and backing vocals, gentle military drum and piano keys. I Can’t Walk Out adopts a solemn church organ as the foundation for another spirited vocal performance.


A plastic yellow bird and wine glasses accompany an acoustic guitar on Oh Wine, Oh Whine. It’s all about tinkering, fiddling and creating from what’s available; there’s no over-kill, it doesn’t complicate or confuse. Instead it’s results are delicate and articulate.



Best Track: I’m Gonna Spill

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In A Word: Stirring