Gordie MacKeeman and His Rhythm Boys

For the unfamiliar, what are the key elements of your sound and performance? We consider ourselves a live band more than a recording act, we just love being on stage in front of an audience. The show is lots of fun with crazy dancing and high energy tunes serving up an eclectic mix of bluegrass, old-time country, folk, rockabilly, swing and Celtic.
Who or what would people say you sound like? It’s hard to pinpoint one sound or artist as we draw on a range of genres, but people would probably say rollicking rockabilly and down east fiddling with infectious rhythms and a dash of folk. Some of our heroes are people like John Hartford, Dave Edmonds and Del McCoury, who we hope rub off in our music.
How did Gordie MacKeeman and His Rhythm Boys come together? We all originally met at a bluegrass festival in Canada and became great friends. We played as backup musicians in different bluegrass and country groups for years until we started this project six years ago, which I think you can hear and see in our music and on-stage chemistry.
What can we expect from your live show? I try to live up to my nickname “Crazy Legs” so there’ll be lots of speedy fiddling and frenetic dancing! Our latest album is called Laugh, Dance & Sing, which is exactly what you’ll do at our show. All in all, you can expect a high octane roots experience.