Good Morning: Prize/Reward

Bedroom-pop gets a bad wrap, however Good Morning are bringing an Aussie authenticity to the fledgling genre.

The Melbourne-based lo-fi duo released their debut EP, Shawcross,in 2014; the chilled-out, Sunday morning vibes taking them around the world. Their newest release, Prize/Reward, is of the same mellow vein but with stronger lyrics and cleaner production. 

‘Plant Matter’ is a short cut that gives an accurate introduction to the album; crisp instrumentation and production pairs with the blasé, bedroom-pop vocals to create something very relaxed that doesn’t fall into the trap of being lazy. The album’s two strongest links are found in the very centre; ‘After You’ is a cute ditty love song that has a dark edge to it, while ‘Mirror Freak’ immediately follows, and is the best showcase of the lyricism working with the vocals, while also leaving room for a ripper abstract sax solo. 

After considering the strengths of this release, there’s only one real issue; every song errs on the short side, suggesting, maybe, the band doubt their own ability to captivate and hold the attention of their audience. They have no reason to reserve themselves – this project is one of Melbourne’s greatest current musical exports.