Good Beer Week : Pint of Origin

Tell us about The Palace and what you're all about? Here at The Palace we encompass a good old traditional corner pub.  Lots of locals, warm and friendly staff, knick-knacks galore and most importantly, cold beer.  We have a dog friendly beer garden, fireplaces, pool table, lots of TV’s to cater for all requests.  We like to get involved in the community and try to support other local business’ as much as we can.
Tell us about the Pint of Origin. This will be our third year as the South Australia representative for Pint of Origin. We have 18 Breweries involved this year.  Most of them have been with us from the start but there are a couple of newbies.  We have lots of specials during the week so make sure you follow us on Instagram or Facebook. 
What's the key to tasty beer? The key to a tasty beer is quality.  With so many breweries these days the ones that really stand out are the ones that are consistent in quality and flavour.  Then of course it’s up to us to store and serve it properly.  Nice and cold, good clean glassware and of course with some friendly banter.

The Palace Hotel, Friday May 13 - Sunday May 21