Golden Features is king of the banger

Australian music producer Golden Features has skyrocketed in popularity since he released his first full-length album, Sect, earlier this year. 

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David Harris

The skilled DJ proved himself to be a house music heavyweight with the ten-track record, delivering explosive beats and rolling basslines. Anyone who’s seen him onstage before will know that these elements translate to his live shows, which are basically just big, dirty dance parties. His first Melbourne performance of the Sect tour was no different, and saw the producer at the top of his game.

The sold-out Forum show was packed by the time Golden Features took to the stage. The lights dropped, and a deep, thumping bass began moving through the venue, eliciting whoops and cheers from the crowd. The gold-masked producer appeared behind the decks, and the tune for ‘Always’ started blaring through the speakers. He teased out the intro build-up, before sending the crowd absolutely wild with the first, heavy hitting beat drop of the night.

‘Always’ bled into ‘Falling Out’, another song from the new album, before turning into ‘Memories That You Call’ by electronic duo, Odesza. He gave it his own Golden Features twist though, throwing in a crowd-pleasing bass drop and turning the usually chill tune into a filthy dance track.

Newer tracks from Sect got a decent rotation too, and he played pretty much every song from the album in some shape or form. The transitions between them all were completely seamless, and it was sometimes hard to tell where one song ended, and another began. He was showing off his killer DJing skills as well as the fruits of his music production and loving every minute of it.

Another newbie, ‘Medicate’, had everyone in a frenzy, which only heightened as the song gave way to ‘Guillotine’, from his first EP four years back. Golden Features milked the track for all it was worth, before finally finishing his 70-minute set with ‘Worship’.

But as soon as he disappeared from the decks the crowd were screaming for more, everyone stamping their feet collectively and sending a rumble through The Forum. He returned and took to the stage one last time, playing ‘Do You?’ – complete with green lazer lights to accompany the “hit them with those lazerbeams” lyric – and ‘Telescope’.

Then, in what was definitely the most insane part of the night, Golden Features removed his mask, and bowed to the crowd as Tom Stell, the man behind the music. It was kind of like seeing a superhero reveal his secret identity; shocking, awesome and uncomfortable, all at once.

But mask or no mask, there’s no denying that the guy knows how to make a fucking banger. And play a damn good set, too.

Highlight: The warmth and energy of the crowd. Everyone was just there to have a good time, so it was a dickhead-free zone.

Lowlight: That it had to end.

Crowd Favourite: ‘‘Wolfie’ got the loudest sing-along, but ‘Guillotine’ brought out the best dancing.