Glasgow is revamping its city to become a 'mini Melbourne'

If imitation is the best form of flattery, then consider yourself flattered Melbourne. 

A plan has been unveiled to revamp Scottland's Glasgow to become a 'mini Melbourne', transforming over 90 laneways into public spaces loaded with bars, independent shops, and restaurants. 
Sound familiar? 
When putting together the project for their city centre lanes strategy, Glasgow City Council cited Melbourne as a chief example - looking to bring a slice of our revered laneway culture to their own shores. 
"The regeneration of these lanes would play a significant role in the ongoing transformation on the city centre, and this draft strategy aims to deliver that," said a council spokesperson. 
"The public consultation will help shape the final plan for the network, and we ask everyone with an interest in the city centre to take part.”

When you're living in the world's greatest city, who can blame the Glaswegians for trying to jack our style a little?