Giorgia Angiuli

For the unfamiliar, what are the key elements of your sound and performance? I started using Ableton live, a motu sound card and a sm58 microphone, then I started to buy synths, becoming addicted to the analogue sounds. I modify toys that I use during my live performances as instruments.
What drew you to electronic music? I have two older brothers and they studied classical music, my mum was a teacher of literature at the conservatory, it happened in a natural way. I started to love electronic music listening to Kid A of Radiohead, Bjork, Apparat and Ellen Allien. I was really impressed and started to buy equipment to learn how to produce that kind of music. 
How have you developed your sound over time? I started to use toys in my music a long time ago, but after years I managed to integrate them better into my sound by modifying them. Now I can properly play with them.
For anyone wanting to get into electronic music, what’s your number one tip? I’d suggest people study music and be patient. Software is useful, but if you really studied an instrument and the rules of harmony in music, the approach to the music itself will change for the better.
What can we expect from your live show? I love different things and I’ve played many different kinds of music therefore I could describe my style as a mix between pop, techno and electronic. I’m a collector of vintage toys for kids, so you can try to imagine what you'll find.

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