Getting lucky with Food Court

1. When Pino's two litre carton of milk had curdled but Lewis added vinegar and heated it to 90 degrees and made ricotta and we had it with tinned peaches for dessert.

Kitchen tip: Always check the 'use by' date on your food packaging but be sure to smell, taste, and touch anything before you bin it. In the event that food has taken a turn, add vinegar and heat it to 90 degrees. This makes most things edible, although it will give you diarrhoea.

2. When Nicky and Dan were wrestling in a clover patch and Dan found a four-leaf clover between his teeth. The luck of the Irish/Italian. After that we all went looking and found that a quicker way to bag one is to cordon off a 1 x 1m patch and count out 10,000 clovers. Guaranteed one in 10k will be a lucky shamrock.

3. When lil Nicky met lil Yachty on The Dirty Sixth in Austin. Bucket list completed.

4. Almost missing almost every flight we've ever taken due to a strict policy of leaving no margin for unforeseen circumstances, but still just making it. Playing in Geelong was the only flight we've missed, but luckily we got new flights for the low price of 300 bucks a pop that evening.

5. Being in a band together, making memories and treasuring our friendship.

Food Court’s debut album Good Luck is out now via Dine Alone Records.  They’ll launch the album at Yah Yah’s on Friday November 10, with The Deadlove and Mild Manic.