Getting to know Luboku

How did you first discover your musical talent? When I was a kid I loved to play the piano at my friend’s house, sadly my family didn’t have one. Instead, I created a tiny cardboard sketch of a keyboard to pretend I was still playing. I don’t know if that’s talent but I was certainly driven.
Where do you find inspiration? My best songs tend to come about when I’m not distracted. I instinctively get this feeling when something is going to work, and I follow the sound I hear in my head until it exists in my headphones.
How did it feel to have your EP At Dawn receive so much love? I was stunned. I made these songs as demos in my studio. Hosaia and I threw them together over the course of a couple of months, so it was a big surprise when it blew up. When I saw the response it really pushed me to think harder about what my next release would be.
What is the story behind ‘The Surface’? ‘The Surface’ was born from a fear I have of living a digitised social life. I have this bleak image in my mind of a dystopian world, where people’s online lives become more important than their real ones.
What is your favourite live performance memory?Tycho, 2015 in Melbourne. I love how much weight Tycho places on all aspects: the music, visuals and sound were all executed on a truly spectacular level. Goals.

Luboku launches ‘The Surface’ at The Gasometer Hotel on Thursday October 12, with support from Orcha and Hemm. The track will be released digitally the next day.