Get to know Lander

When did you first start making music? I started making music in my late teens in various bands with friends, the social aspect was a big part of it. As I continue to play music I’ve realised the importance of not only having good musicians but having good hangs in the band.

Tell us about your new EP. I’ve been writing these tunes on and off over the last couple of years, being a bassist I think it’s easy to continue to jump on everyone else’s projects and never really push your own. Late last year I roped in keys and drums and we started jamming the tunes. They came together pretty quickly. 

What do you love about making music? Making original music is easily one of the most rewarding and stressful activities you can do if you own an instrument. Having an end product to show for your work is always a great feeling.

How would you describe your sound? I grew up skateboarding and with every video/computer game came an education in hip hop. The BPM of the tracks suited the flow of skating at the time, plus the cultures of both would continually crossover. Lander is an instrumental hip hop project, the main idea to catch the vibe of sampled music into a live configuration.

What can we expect from Lander after the release? Being our first release, our next step is to get out there and play live shows, continuing to work with other musicians and keep creating new music.

Lander will perform at Horse Bazaar, supporting The CB3 on Wednesday September 26. Watch this space to find out more about Lander’s debut record, coming soon.