Geelong rockers MDRN LOVE set for EP release, announce 2018 shows

The band has tour a tour set to follow in early 2018

The five-piece outfit is releasing their EP after a successful collaboration with BMW by providing the soundtrack to the visually stunning video series of their 2017 off-road motorcycle safari to Cape York. 

They are just coming off a successful Victorian headline tour to promote their debut single ‘Bring Me Down’ and have followed up with their masterfully crafted EP.

The tracks were recorded at Furstock Studios in Melbourne by decorated producing duo Cross O’Shea of Abandon Records and Adam Ayan, Grammy Award-winning mastering engineer.

The self-titled EP will be available from Wednesday November 22 on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon and Google Music. Catch them at Saturday November 18 at The Mount Noorat Hotel and The Geelong Band Room on Saturday December 2.