Geelong punks Vintage Crop are at their relentless best on 'Company Man'

These boys sure know how to write a raucous track.

It’s only been eight months since their last release, but Geelong punks Vintage Crop are already back at it with Company Man. Bursting with the same nervous energy, crooked guitar interplay and unruly sarcasm that made New Age so strong, the new EP finds Vintage Crop fully sinking their teeth into their own sound.

That said, there’s no formula and no tricks – what we hear is what we get, but although Vintage Crop are trekking over garage rock’s fairly well-travelled terrain, they’ve still managed to make themselves sound invigoratingly fresh.

Kicking off with the title track, ‘Company Man’ is a garage punk blast packed with their signature jutting guitars and erratic drums, as vocalist Jack Cherry abuses his vocal chords while describing his transition into the corporate lifestyle. Next up is the angular groove of EP highlight ‘Guarantees’, while ‘Right to Censor’ is just vintage Vintage Crop, with its distinctive volatile guitars, melody-less hooks and dry wit.

Finally, Company Man rounds out with ‘Stock Options’, a track that almost feels anthemic with its full chords and chant-along chorus, sending Vintage Crop out on top both in the local rock’n’roll game and the business world.


By James Lynch