Gary Clark Jr. is completely fed up with America on his new album 'This Land'

The celebrated artist has had enough with the aberration that has become America.

With the current climate in America, artists have been able to express themselves in extravagant and creative ways. As for Gary Clark Jr.’s latest release, This Land, let’s just say that angry is an understatement. 

For fans of Clark Jr., his trademark fuzzy guitar and soulful voice remain intact on this album. His comfortability blending genres is also a mainstay, incorporating hip hop, R&B and soul elements into his bluesy foundational sound. ‘Pearl Cadillac’ is a stand out track in this sense, sounding like classic Clark Jr. with his sweet voice and guitars taking charge. 

However, Clark Jr.’s tone has shifted from his first two albums, reflecting and reacting to the changes in America he’s been witnessing. “Everybody saying, what about us?” is repeated multiple times in the track ‘What About Us?’, showing us an alarm in the social-economic tide.  Even the more rap-oriented and direct ‘This Land’, delivers an in-your-face approach to his frustrated thoughts, cleverly echoing Woody Guthrie’s ‘This Land Is Your Land’.

It feels surprising and freeing to hear Clark Jr. bare these sentiments to his audience, but he still does everything to bring the album back home to the blues. 


By Rhys McKenzie