Future's 'THE WIZRD' highlights the rapper's strengths and limitations as a songwriter

With his fourth release in six months.

Love him or hate him, it’s hard to deny Future’s immense influence on hip hop – the Atlanta rapper’s woozy, auto-tune-drenched brand of trap literally formed the blueprint for nearly every major release of the decade. With THE WIZRD, his fourth release in six months, Future runs a victory lap around his contemporaries with an enjoyable full-length project that highlights both his strengths and limitations as a songwriter.

THE WIZRD presents a collection of braggadocious compositions which revolve around typical Future tropes: drugs, success, and the struggles of balancing a lifestyle with both. On ‘Overdose’, he reflects on the duality of his influence upon the culture by contrasting memorable one-liners like “You can be the wave, I’m the ocean” and “got the whole world taking Xans” in a manner which feels simultaneously bleak and boastful. 

Elsewhere, auto-tune-heavy trap ballads ‘Krazy But True’ and ‘Promise U That’ recall the best moments of 2017’s outstanding HNDRXX. However, with over 20 tracks to digest, THE WIZRD feels sluggish at some points, and Future’s depraved lyrical ruminations and constant flexes do wear thin after a while. There’s no doubt that he excels at crafting polished rap anthems that both celebrate and condemn the trappings of fame, but seven studio albums in, you can’t help but lust for just a bit more from Future.