Future Islands : The Far Field


Following up a fantastic album is a task that may seem intimidating to many, however Future Islands have managed to pull it off with The Far Field. Lead single Ran provided a taste of things to come, and the rest of the album has matched the high expectations it created. The upbeat sound with haunting lyrics that Future Islands have so masterfully made their own shines throughout.
Time On Her Side is a track that personifies what this album is about. A lyrically emotional album about love and heartache, backed up by soulful, sad, yet somehow upbeat music. Future Islands is perhaps the only band that can have you dancing and singing along, until you realise what the song is about and all of a sudden you start to feel real sad.
The Far Field is an album that should only serve to push Future Islands as far as they want to go. Having now added to a rich catalogue and famous for their mesmerising shows (seriously, see them at any given opportunity), they'll have people emotionally dancing for years to come.
By Nathan Quattrucci