Funky bones were tickled and tears were shed when Corinne Bailey Rae made her Melbourne debut

The evening began with the quirky piano and loopy electronic stylings of BUOY. Her crisp voice, though heavily effected, pulling a good crowd before finishing off her set with the well-loved Clouds & Rain (no complaints here – that track is as infectious as it is groovy).
Like a Rae of singshine, Corinne Bailey Rae entered the stage, she was gorgeousness with a serve of lovable nerdiness. The set consisted of a broad selection from her back catalogue as well as tracks from her latest album, The Heart Speaks in Whispers. Bailey Rae tickled punters’ funky bones before fanning the flame in their inner pop loving hearts. Her band was tight, and certainly not lacking in the talent department, as her guitar player belted out some soul while her keyboard player played the bass lines, the keys, another synth as well as layering each track with perfect harmonies.
Tears were shed as Corinne Bailey Rae performed the seemingly upbeat track about her tumultuous relationship with her late husband I’d Do It All Again. As this was a sideshow her Australian debut, fans can only hope that she’ll return to our fine shores soon, because she sure is a treat.
Words by Asha Collins
Image by Ian Laidlaw
Highlight: The bands banter and ad-lib grooving near the end of the show.
Lowlight: The blinding lights early on.