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Funkoars Detail The Quickening

So if you're like 99% of the population, you've been wondering if the Funkoars had been abducted by aliens over the Adelaide Hills 12 months ago. Well, fear not! We've got some good news.

The illustrious Funkoars have been hard at work on their latest Full Length Album The Quickening and Beat have been lucky enough to score an exclusive look at the full tracklist for the album with features from Large Proffesor, Ad-Fu, Simplex and the Hilltop Hoods. This Certified Wise production is going to be cerfitfiably dope !


Check out the exclusive track listing to beat.com.au below and check the video to their latest single off the album Where I Am.


1. Fumes That Spell Doom
(Produced by Sesta)


2. The Quickening
(Produced by Large Professor)


3. Where I Am
(Produced by Sesta)


4. It's All Good (Is Very Good)
(Produced by Trials)


5. All We Need
(Produced by Sesta)


6. The Undeniable Third Shooter
(Produced by Sesta)


7. The Assassination feat. Vents
(Produced by Sesta)


8. Feel The Madness
(Produced by Sesta)


9. WSDL? Feat. DJ Ad-Fu
(Produced by Sesta)


10. Law & Order
(Produced by Debate for Train/additional production by Trials)


11. I Got This (I Got That) Feat. K21
(Produced by Simplex)


12. Being Vincent D'Onofrio
(Produced by Dazaastah)


13. D Letter
(Produced by Trials)


14. Bodycount Feat. Hilltop Hoods
(Produced by Trials)


15. Vamoose
(Produced by Trials)


The Quickening is set to be released September 16. Funkoars will be announcing there full Australian tour details shortly. So check back soon.