Four concert tours Australia needs in 2019

Justin Vernon's cherished band heads the list.

We’re only a few weeks into the New Year, and it’s already shaping up to be a good one for live music. Big names such as Arctic Monkeys and the Red Hot Chili Peppers are heading our way next month, US sweetheart Maggie Rogers is down in May, and some of our Australian music faves like Cub Sport and Meg Mac are also hitting the road. While there’s a plethora of awesome shows to look forward to, there are also some artists noticeably absent from the touring circuit, and it’d be great to see them back in the game. 


This list isn’t necessarily in chronological order, but Bon Iver is definitely my most coveted tour. Led by Justin Vernon, the immersive indie folk outfit haven’t paid a visit to Australia since 2016 where they played Sydney’s VIVID Live, and many [myself included] have been desperately awaiting their return. While it’s true they’ve been lying pretty dormant on the music making front, it’s not like the magic of For Emma, Forever Ago or 22, A Million is ever going to get old, and they’ve still been blessing the masses in Europe and the US with these past works. Bon Iver are one of my top bucket-list bands, so Justin, if you’re by some slim grace of the universe reading this, please come to Melbourne this year. 


Liverpool rockers Circa Waves have been stirring lately. It’s not like they’ve been on much of a hiatus considering their last album was only released in 2017, but we got two new songs last year, and it feels like a tour could be coming. Their third record, What’s It Like Over There?, is set to launch in April, and we all know that the album-tour combo is how these things usually go down. They haven’t been to Australia since supporting The 1975 in 2015 though, so whether or not they make it down to pay us a visit is a whole other thing. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed. 


If you’re a Foals fan like me, you’re probably already buzzing with excitement at the news they’ll be releasing two albums this year. After three years without any new tracks, any glimmers of hope to hold onto, the British rockers announced on their Instagram that 2019 would be their comeback year. It’s always hard to tell if international bands will include lil old Australia on their album tours, but their recent DJ set at Beyond The Valley makes me think that we are still very much on their radar, and might be getting a visit soon. Here’s hoping.


The last time Princess Nokia was scheduled for Australian appearances she pulled out, citing ailing health and exhaustion as her reason for cancelling. She hasn’t really made a return since though, which has me wondering if she’s just not that interested in heading Down Under. Admittedly it’s a bit hit-and-miss with the New York rapper, and even though Metallic Butterfly may have missed the mark screaming along to A Girl Cried Red in a sweaty mosh pit would be awesome. Let’s hope she locks in some dates this year.