Fountaineer : Greater City, Greater Love


Bendigo outfit Fountaineer present an outpouring of Gang of Youths-esque wisdom on Greater City, Greater Love. It’s a throttling, synth-driven portrayal of regional Victoria, but it begins with light keys and a lumbering kick-drum on Sirens (Parts 1&2).
With a gripping intro and a Heath Ledger reference, The Cricketers is the heart of the album. Here, Fountaineer are at their resolute best, as Anthony White’s transcendental vocals mesh beautifully with synths, guitars, and drums. This continues into Words with Friends, an upbeat, lively, and jangly summer jam, before taking a sharp turn into a rough guitar lead. Best of both worlds.
On almost every song, lines are repeated like mantras, giving Greater City a deeply spiritual feeling. This is clearest on Onomatopoeia, where White makes direct reference to lyrics from the album’s other songs above two lines which are repeated start to finish. It’s a challenging listen, but Some Bright Sparks is the perfect follow-up, with the opening synths evocative of a well-deserved victory lap.
This album sounds like it should be tragic, but the lyricism and rising instrumentals render it completely uplifting. Fountaineer are well on their way to becoming one of the biggest acts in the country.