Foam : Coping Mechanisms


Foam’s debut album showcases a furious mix of psychedelic, garage and alternative rock; echoing the likes of the Butthole Surfers or The Drones. Mass Chew is particularly mellow compared to what comes next, with some interesting guitar effects to kick things off. The garage-tone really shines through with Get On Board, with its incredibly infectious riff that’ll have you head-banging in no time. Body Into Mine opens with a very late ‘90s, alt-rock feel – with vocals reminiscent of early Pixies – and an extended instrumental outro that plays along nicely. The Gift of Guilt offers a similar-sounding tone, with a sweeping guitar and vocals from front-man Joel Martin. Cope acts as the midway bridge – offering an epic instrumental mix of heavy guitar work and percussion. With the tempo consistently chopping and changing, it’s hard to believe this sound is coming from just three dudes.
The ambiguously-titled track I Could Milk Myself is humble but strangely alluring, while We Don’t Live in the U.S.A takes things up a notch. It’s intense but fun, especially with some impromptu whistling halfway through. Snake Warning shows off some bassy-goodness, and When Does It Get Better, finishes it all on a high.
By Chris Bright