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Floating Me Tour

Floating Me may just be that band that elevates the progressive rock genre to a whole other level. A force to be reckoned with, this supergroup have announced that they'll be playing shows around the country for the month of October.

Comprised of members from some of the most expansive and expressive Australian prog-rock bands of the past two decades, Floating Me provide a broad vision to their music; their skills providing the cherry on the top of their musically-diverse and multi-skilled cake.
Including vocalist Andrew Gillespie, guitarist Antony Brown and keys player Tobias Messiter of ground-breaking '90s Sydney band Scarymother, Cog drummer Lucius Borich, and Karnivool's Jon Stockman on bass, the buzz surrounding Floating Me has been building for as long as the band have been together.
The band will head out on their Breaking To Breathe national tour, starting off in Canberra on 12 October, and finishing up in Adelaide on 29 October.

Floating Me play Melbourne's East Brunswick Club on Friday October 28.