Flaming Wrekage

Top Five Aussie Beers

Coopers Green - The ultimate summer smasher. Not too fruity like a lot of pale ales on the market. Coopers Green is nice and simple but definitely gets the job done. There's not much better than a tall frosty one on a scorcher of a day, but I still reckon they're drinkable warm. 5 Stars.
VB - Another summer classic. The humble tinnie is ideal served as cold as possible. An absolute shocker when warm, but a cold VB is definitely the preferred knock off beer. You can't call yourself a pub if this isn't on tap, not to mention they have the best TV ads ever.
Little Creatures Pale - A bit on the fruity side, but still bloody delicious. Brewed in Fremantle in WA, this beer is dangerously smashable. A carton of this doesn't last long.
Melbourne Bitter - The long lost brother of Vic who I feel is far too underrated. This for me tastes like Cherry Bar at 5am, which is always a good option. The cause of probably the most punishing hangover on the planet but I don't see myself learning from this delicious mistake anytime soon. 
Reschs - As they say, Reschs refreshes. They were right. This is a classic old man beer. Preferable in long neck form. A solid drop. 

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