Five ways This Way North handle Pressure

1. I’m pretty good at grinding my teeth to dust, so when I wake up in the morning I need to go get a whole new set of teeth false teeth. Makes morning breath pretty interesting.
2. I clench my butt while I work under pressure, but god does it make me have a have a sweet arse all that goddamn clenching. You should see me in tight jeans.
3. Stress gas. Look I know everyone out there has bouts of this don’t deny it. I’m just saying it to make you all feel ok about it and because no one else talks about it, but it’s a real thing. Otherwise blame it on the dog.
4. Running away from it all and going on the road to tour, play music and write new tracks about all the Pressure.
5. Dread my hair. Yes as you can see I’ve been under some pressure in the past since my hair goes all the way down to my well-clenched butt.

This Way North are set to launch their new single Pressure at The Gasometer on Wednesday April 26.