Five Things Jeremy Loops Can't Wait to do in Australia

Surfing. I've been surfing since I was a kid. I absolutely can’t wait to score some proper waves while in Australia. Bells Beach, Byron Bay, Snapper Rocks, Margaret River – the list is endless.
Diving at the Great Barrier Reef. I've recently renewed my Padi Diving license, so I'm pretty amped to get a few more dives under my belt. I'd love to find a gap to spend some time at the Great Barrier Reef, snorkelling, diving, and sailing around. Anyone got a boat to lend me?
Helicopter Ride along the Great Ocean Road. I've heard so many good things about this area and the Twelve Apostles. The last time we were in Melbourne, a few of my band members did a helicopter ride that I missed out on, so I'd love to catch up because they all reported it was incredible.  
Caving in New South Wales. Right near my hometown in South Africa, there are some pretty significant caves to explore. I've always enjoyed the adrenaline of creeping through the dark deep earth, and I’m not too bad with small spaces, so I’d really like to go explore the Jenolan Caves in New South Wales.
Friends. I have a good few friends living in Sydney and the surrounding areas. More than anything I'm really looking forward to connecting with some of them again, and seeing if we can find some waves together or grab some good local food.

Jeremy Loops will take over The Corner Hotel on Thursday May 24.