Five things Emma Russack misses about her hometown, Narooma

Family home- It looks out to Wagonga Inlet and Mount Guluga. From the deck you can watch the paddle-boarders on the water in summer and the snow-capped mountains in the distance in winter. It's also home to my parents, whom I miss dearly.
Narooma Kinema - I used to work there as a teenager and my boss explained the 'k' thing but I've forgotten. For a small town they show a lot of really great movies. They even show operas. A little something for everyone.
The beach - The south coast of NSW has an amazing collection of beaches – and they're almost always deserted. When I'm home I go to the beach every day and it makes me feel so healthy and fresh. Even in winter I'll go in the water. Mum and dad think I'm crazy. 
The golf course - Narooma has one of the most stunning courses in Australia. I don't play, but I'll accompany my dad for the walk while he plays. The course overlooks the ocean and sometimes you can see whales splashing about.
The piano - Mum and dad still have the piano I learnt on as a kid, it’s an old upright. I'm not that great at piano but as soon as I get home I go into the spare room and muck around on it. Mum has some classic songbooks in the collection. Last time I was home we sang Loving You by Minnie Riperton together. I just play the chords - nothing fancy. But it's fun. 

Emma Russack will perform at Friday Nights at NGV on Friday May 19.