Five Seconds of Summer dazzled a packed out Festival Hall

They've come a long way from 'She Looks So Perfect', that's for sure.

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Harry Rae

Pop/rock four-piece Five Seconds of Summer embody the teenage vision of a boyband – oozing with talent and with that boyish charm, the band have quickly become household names.
They began their career as a high school band posting covers and originals on YouTube, before skyrocketing to fame and selling out venues around the world since 2011.
Before even entering the venue, the merch-clad crowd was already buzzing. The moment opening act Muki started her set, fans began to scream with excitement. The audience was glued to Muki’s infectious stage presence and were completely hypnotised by her hit ‘Sassaparilla’ and Spice Girls cover of ‘Wannabe’. Muki’s dancing was casually choreographed as she dropped to the floor and swayed her hips. Muki, with her Charlie XCX/ Bebe Rexha vibes, certainly set the tone for the rest of the concert. 
The atmosphere of Festival Hall became a glittering pool of excitement and anticipation as fans finally got a glimpse of Five Seconds Of Summer (or 5SOS as they’re so affectionately referred).
With an attitude of cool and collectedness – the kind that comes with years of having packed out venues screaming your name – 5SOS took their spots and opened the concert with new album closer Babylon’.
Out of the 18 songs played during their set, classics like ‘Girls Talk’, ‘You Look So Perfect’ and ‘YoungBlood’ were definite crowd favourites. The audience swayed their hands in unison while echoing the lyrics back to frontman Luke Hemmings.
The boys had the crowd wrapped around their fingers with every interaction. They were down to earth and engaging, which would explain the audience’s diehard attitude towards the band. At one stage guitarist, Michael Clifford gave fans the ultimate thrill, jumping from the stage into the mosh put to dance along, have a chat, and take pictures.
The only criticism of the show would be the lack of older, more popular 5SOS songs from previous albums. Fans seemed to jump to their feet when older songs were played, the audience feeling more like a community during these moments.
This particular tour revealed a new maturity to the boys that hasn’t been shown before. It featured new music with stronger lyrics that have a deeper meaning. The stage had a simplistic setup, which highlighted the band’s singing abilities and stage presence. They were thrilling to watch and even more endearing when interacting with each other.
Five Seconds of Summer have proven they’re a well-established band in Australia and have a growing international fan base. A combination between humble, talented, and charming, backed by a collection of mind-blowing songs – there’s no wonder the tour has been such a huge success.