Five artists killing it right now with Essie Holt

Eilish Gilligan. I love everything Eilish does, from her earlier tunes (especially ‘Here’) to her incredible 2018 singles ‘S.M.F.Y’ and ‘Patterns’. She’s killing the game. Feeling pretty lucky to be supporting her at her single launch in September.

Alice Skye. Alice’s incredible storytelling is infectious. I had her song ‘Friends With Feelings’ on repeat for days when I first heard it, and still go back to it regularly. I love the line, ‘I don’t quite know which colours make up my heart’.

Zoe A’dore. Zoe’s debut track ‘Bury It’ came out in March and is close to racking up a million Spotify streams. I’m a huge fan of this tune and am super excited to see what Zoe releases next. Big things ahead for this gal.

Sannia. Sannia has an absolutely killer voice and her debut track ‘Go and Get Over’ has been in my head for weeks. The hook is wild and there’s a pretty insane note in the chorus that she reaches so effortlessly. It was even more impressive when I caught her live a couple of weeks back at the Wesley Anne.

Eliott. I’ve known Charlotte for a few years and absolutely love what she’s doing with this project. Her voice is truly spectacular and needs to be heard live, because it’s huge and full of raw emotion. ‘Over and Over’ is so impeccably crafted and every time I hear her sing ‘those mountains’ I get shivers all over.

Essie Holt’s latest single ‘Better For You’ is out now. She’ll perform at The Workers Club on Thursday September 20.