What’s your name then? Paul
Oh. And the name of your band? Figures
And what do you do? I am one of the guitar players
When did you start doing that? About two and a half years ago when Josh (drummer) and I had our first jam after finding each other on the infamous website melband.
Why did you start doing that? That’s a long story but basically after finishing up in my last band, my wife got sick of me annoying her all the time and told me to start a new band.
Do you think you’re good at doing that? Good at starting bands or annoying my wife? I’d say I’m pretty good at both I guess. Figures is going strong and I’m still annoying my wife.
If you weren’t doing that, what would you be doing? Maybe I’d sell shoes. (Anyone who’s seen Spinaltap will understand).
What makes you happiest about what you’re doing? The songwriting, recording and the live shows. Actually live shows are the thing for sure
And what makes you unhappiest about it? That I didn’t find this crazy bunch of muso’s earlier.
What’s you proudest moment? That’s a hard one to answer as we have done two trips to the U.S.A which were a challenge but super fun and we came through. We have played some pretty cool shows with amazing bands, We’re super proud of our first EP which was a huge task. But I’d have to say playing to a full house at The Corner with Twelve Foot Ninja was pretty amazing.
And your least proud? Rushing some of our recording projects would have to be up there.

Figures will perform at Workers Club on Saturday February 25 with Enlight, Darcee Fox and Nobody’s Home.