Festival and venues band together to raise money for non-profit organisations

The initiative has strongly scrutinised the country's current laws around who pays tax and who doesn't.

A number of iconic Aussie music organisations and venues have banded together to support changes to Australia's taxation laws and raise funds for non-profit organisations.

Shake the Cage is an initiative designed to raise awareness around current tax laws in Australia, which exempt religiously-owned business, such as Sanatarium (the company that makes Weet Bix), from paying anything come tax time. Shake the Cage argues the potential taxes that are not paid due to these exemptions are preventing essential funding to hospitals, school and other public services.

The inaugural Shake the Cage Cup, taking place between Thursday November 15 and Saturday November 17, invites Aussies to go in the running for a $15,000 cash prize by creating brief videos advocating for their favourite non-profit organisations. The organisations then have the potential to win a portion of the money Shake the Cage hopes to raise.

The Cup has earned the support of Strawberry Fields and Laneway Festival, with festival tickets being offered as prizes for those keen to get involved with the cause. 

The Shake the Cage Cup is going down right now. For more information, visit shakethecagecup.com.au