Fatty Boomba

When did you start making music and what led you there? I started writing music a long time ago, I was originally in a rock band and wanted something a little different where I could express myself musically without the ‘genre’ specific label. I feel my music has developed a lot over the years and I really like not being bound to a particular niche.
What do you love about making music? Hearing people say they were inspired by my music or that listening to a song of mine motivated them is a truly awesome feeling.
Tell us about your new track, ‘Mean Machine’. What is the story behind it? What inspired it? ‘Mean Machine’ is a motivational song, it’s written with the aim to get you off your seat and achieve goals but most importantly I really want people to take out of it what they want, so it’s got a wide appeal.
What is the best thing you learned through being involved in the International Songwriting Competition? I honestly don’t know if I learned anything from that experience but reviewing the songs next to mine was very inspiring.
What secrets can you tell us about your next release? All I can say for the time being about the next release is that it’s written about girls.

Fatty Boomba’s single ‘Mean Machine’ is out now, and you can keep up to date on their Facebook page ahead of their upcoming release.