Father John Misty cements himself as 'God’s Favorite Customer'

Josh Tillman’s latest album has the songwriter scatterbrained, deeply insecure, and self-destructive.

After conquering capitalism, entertainment woes, and modern political unrest on Pure Comedy, Josh Tillman’s latest album God’s Favorite Customer has the songwriter scatterbrained, deeply insecure, and self-destructive.

On I Love You, Honeybear, Tillman won the hearts of many with gentle love songs about how he and his wife met. Here, he’s doubting himself and is worried the end is always near. On ‘Just Dumb Enough To Try’ he grips to his relationship for dear life, and in the ballad ‘Please Don’t Die’, Tillman begs his lover to never leave. The beautiful piano, drums, and sleigh bells follow close to Tillman’s heartbreaking vocals. It sounds like something Billy Joel would have cooked up on The Stranger.

The electronic elements of ‘Date Night’, however, are distracting and somewhat annoying. The lonely piano songs like ‘The Palace’, ‘The Songwriter’, and the title track have some of Tillman’s most introspective lyrics, but they stop the momentum of the album.

By the end of God’s Favorite Customer, Tillman has covered much of his marriage, his life as a burnt out songwriter, and himself. Father John Misty is eating himself from the inside, but luckily he’s got a lover to share the meal with.