Falls Festival to introduce 'sexual assault councillors' for 2018

Falls Festival is aiming for a safe space throughout the event. 

In an effort to curb sexual assault and sexual violence at their festival, Falls Festival is doubling down on initiatives to keep their event safe.

Underpinned by extensive research, Falls will be introducing sexual assault counsellors to all sites. These counsellors will be able to provide immediate crisis care, introduce victims to local support services for short and long-term help and guide them through the various processes should they want to engage police to pursue further action. 

The aim is to make the process of reporting incidents more supportive for victims of assault or harassment, should they occur. 

As well as this, Falls Festival will also be increasing the number of CCTV cameras across the sites, increasing security at campgrounds, and offering special training to all event staff in dealing with incidents of sexual assault. 

Falls Co-Producers Jessica Ducrou and Paul Piticco said the initiatives would enable festival-goers to feel safe and enjoy their New Year. 

“Falls has a zero tolerance policy with regard to dangerous and irresponsible behaviours, the safety of our patrons is our foremost concern. We work year-round to bring together incredible events, at some of Australia’s most iconic locations – we want everyone to feel free and safe in our spaces and to leave with great memories.”