Ezekiel Ox

What is your new EP Proper Gander all about? It's about taking a stand on the streets, in the clubs and at home. I think most people know the system is broken, that it delivers for the rich and kicks the poor and vulnerable, with Proper Gander I wanted to validate those feelings for people, and on tracks like Propaganda and History, give strength and strategy on how we can win. It's also about the funk.
How would you describe your single Eyes Up Hearts Full? I wrote it on the bus early one Tuesday morning. I saw all the faces of people steeling themselves for another day. Not sad or angry, just staunch and focused, like a huge weight was pressing down on them. I wept quietly to myself on that bus, as I bore witness to all that human potential, and saw it marching towards another day under capitalism.  I wanted this song to show how strong we are, how everyday's a struggle.
How was the experience of recording the EP? Absolutely sensational. I hooked up with Steve at Muscle Mothership through a mate from Darwin, and we gelled immediately. We'd press record with Steve on drums and me on the mic, and then freestyle for ten minutes. When we'd finished we'd piece together the hooks and make a song, then we layered the guitar and bass over those freestyle beds. It's good to start with the rhythm and voice; it's how music would have started thousands of years ago.
Who are the members in your live band? Steven Smith on drums/vocals. He's a great friend, and plays live with Briggs and Caiti Baker.  Sarox Martin on bass/vocals, she's amazing, a ball of energy and brings the funk. We're also welcoming Leigh Davies on guitars, who's played in Sleep Parade, The Occupants, Lunar Sea and Cairo Knife Fight to name a few.  It's a crack pro squad, and we're having a blast.
What can punters expect from your upcoming shows? I'll be playing the Proper Gander EP in full, plus a selection of hits from my work with Mammal, Full Scale and The Nerve.  Expect a pumping band, great tunes and an active dancefloor. Also expect a raised middle finger to the ruling class, and a big warm hug for the workers. If you've seen me perform before, you'll know what you're in for, so tell a friend I'm back performing rock and roll.

Ezekiel Ox will perform at the Evelyn Hotel on Saturday April 1.