Eye injuries in Melbs are on the rise due to heckin' angry magpies

Watch out.

It’s spring and that means swooping season. Melbourne’s magpies are known for swooping cyclists, pedestrians and anyone who appears a threat to their nests but now they appear more dangerous than ever. 

Magpies are on an attacking spree and the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear hospital have issued a warning regarding the increasing amount incidents. Although most injuries are minor, medical facilities are increasingly concerned about the rare circumstance when the eye injuries require surgery.

“Normally, we might see one or two a month,” says Carmel Crock, the hospital’s emergency director. “In July, we saw fourteen cases of bird eye injuries. In August, there were twelve. In the last week, we saw five in the one day, including a penetrating eye injury that needed to go to theatre.”


Near the CBD, attacks have been happening on Lonsdale Street, Punt Road, Lygon Street and Heffernan Lane. So far, 702 Victorian attacks have been recorded on the Magpie Alert website this year.

So, whether you’re on your way to work, exercising or going out with friends remember to stay alert and protect your eyes. Those birds are out to getcha. 

Visit the Magpie Alert website here.