The Experiment is bringing a feast of live music and art to Australia

It's happening across two cities, featuring over 50 artists. 

Originating in Auckland, The Experiment began as a way of showcasing creative works -- evolving over the past five years to become a huge event featuring a breadth of live music and visual arts. 

The Experiment will make its Melbourne debut this year, extending to Australia for the first time through the help of Crate Mates, a vinyl-focused Melbourne collective aiming to promote diversity in sound away from the typical club scene. The new double location set-up will see the two cities connected through live-streams stemming from both events. 

The Melbourne component will feature everything from four-storey high projections by the likes of Fiona Shewan, Anna Kennedy and Jutta Pryor to a giant rubber sculpture created by Ember Fairbairn. On the music side of things, you can expect a huge range of DJs and live musicians, with the lineup -- curated by Crate Mates -- including the likes of Stephen Brooks, Tony Chocoloney, Touchwood, Autosea's Mitchell Gee, Kovac and more. It'll be going down at Section 8 within Tattersall Lane across a ten-hour period of immersive entertainment and art. 

The Experiment kicks off on Friday August 3 at Section 8, Tattersalls Lane. Entry is free. Find more information here