The exciting nura x Spirit Level released for Record Store Day 2019

Come this Record Store Day, the nura x Spirit Level collaboration will be released across select record stores in Melbourne. Nura are dedicated to delivering perfect sound, tailored specifically to each individual. The release of their Nuraphone, headphones that automatically learn and adapt to personalised hearing, marked a world first in such sound and technological innovation. 

Spirit Level is a Melbourne-based, artist-run music label founded by Tim Shiel and Wally de Backer. Spirit Level devote themselves to the development and amplification of independent music, exploring sound, full and deep frequency ranges, genre and style. The nura x Spirit Level collaboration marks the world’s first music release optimised for nura’s Nuraphone with music of artists from a local, independent label. 

The limited-edition record Mir/Mythologies features original music by Braille Face and Tim Shiel’s remix of Happy Axes’ ‘Mythologies’. The fusion of Face’s emotive single ‘Mir’ with the UK garage bass lines and piano driven melodies of ‘Mythologies’, captures the precision and expert detail that nura have created with the Nuraphone along with the different modes within the headphone, such as the over-ear drivers ‘Immersion’ mode. 

To ensure expert sound exactitude, sound engineer Becki Whitton mixed both tracks on the record using the Nuraphone. Also featuring in the product is Melbourne designer and musician Jack Vanzet, whose colourful abstract vinyl art seeks to act as a reflection of the collaboration results and exploration of sound.    

Mir/Mythologies presented by nura x Spirit Level will be available in-store at select record stores across Melbourne this Record Store Day, Saturday April 13.