Evil Twin : Broken Blues


If a two-piece blues-rock band from Adelaide is an evil twin, is the good twin KC and the Sunshine Band, with its 16-member ensemble and AM-tuned pop repertoire? 
It really doesn’t matter, especially when you lend an ear to Evil Twins’ new album, Broken Blues.  It starts with I Don’t Mind, a growling meander through the Delta swamp, leans into a cocky denim swagger in Satisfied and gets all dewy-eyed in Slow Dance.  The title track is as sparse as it is intense; Wonderful Tragedy is Killing Joke slumped against the wall of a blood-spattered bar after a night of southern drama. Piece of Mind is a pop oasis in a fertile desert of dirty blues, Motor City could be Detroit, it could be Geelong or it might even be a lost AC/DC jam from 1975, and whatever it is, it’s shit hot.  Pretend is a brutal, frontal lobe crunching Sabbath-esque hangover from the moonshine-spiked night before, Looking into My Mind dances with the Creamy psychedelic edge of the blues and Longing for the Night is a lost night on David Lynch’s never-ending highway of enlightenment.  If this stuff is evil, good must be pretty damn boring.
By Patrick Emery