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Even, Bowie, Ziggy

Forty years on from the release of David Bowie's Glam Rock odyssey The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars revered power pop'n'roll trio EVEN perform the classic album live track for track at Cherry Bar on Saturday August 18. EVEN  frontman Ash Naylor tells us what's what.

How important is David Bowie as an artist?

As important as Dylan or Lennon/McCartney in our world.


Forty years! This album is practically older than you are. Why is the The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars album important to you?

It's one of those records where everything hangs together, the songs and the musicianship are amazing. We are unanimous in our love for the record which made the idea of doing this gig so appealing.


Will you be bringing  a theatrical glam element to your stage production?

Well it's hard to top anything those fellas wore in the early '70s so probably just neat casual for us.


Will you be trying to do note for note replicas of the songs or re-interpretations or what?

Hopefully we'll find a balance between homage and attention to detail. There won't be any unnecessary re-workings of the songs. We just want to have fun with it.


Cherry Bar is recognised as the iconic late night retro rock 'n roll bar in Australia. Did this make it the logical place to host this special tribute?
Yeh, Cherry is one of our favourite venues and we do an annual EVEN Jukebox show there so this show will be an extension of that. Cherry's James Young and EVEN have a long standing friendship so it's the perfect place to have this gig.


How challenging is it to pay tribute to one of your personal favourite and one of the most influential records of your generation?
Very challenging when you see how many friggin' chords some of these songs have! Bowie is one of those songwriters who has an innate sense of adventure when it comes to song construction. You can't jam these tunes, you just have to learn em'.


What can people expect from this Ziggy 40th celebration with Even?
Even playing Bowie songs, with love. Maybe some waterproof mascara if I get to Priceline before the soundcheck. Wally has been growing Trevor Bolder sideburns so look out!


Tickets are $25 on the door from 8pm.