Evanescence brought a night of pure magic to Melbourne

I’m certain not a single soul from the ‘90s and early 2000s could deny a heartfelt appreciation for Evanescence.

Image source: 
Jaz Meadows

When the band hit Australian land for a blasting return performing alongside the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, fans ignited like never before for a night of pure magic.

Upon entering Rod Laver Arena, and after chatting with an exhilarating crowd equal parts nostalgic-value and pure dedication, it was clear that Evanescence’s fire will always burn brightly within our music scene. The stage was enchantingly curated with art pieces moving softly inwards and out, while our MSO created beauty in a night of bliss never to be forgotten. 

Then on came Lee, Evanescence’s lead singer/pianist as we anticipated her vocal blessings with a gorgeous instrumental introduction before walking centre stage to deliver the first song of the evening, ‘Overtune’. The crowd’s emotion and appreciation for her talents couldn’t go unfelt.

She continued to perform a transcendent experience from her new album Synthesis which shouldn’t merely be confused with a greatest hits album, but more as rearrangements of how the band longed their creations to truly be. Working alongside a full symphony orchestra is just one fate the album was always destined for. Such arrangements also saw an array of electronic music programming and effects which lifted the orchestral sections to complex, astonishing levels.

Mid-show Lee shared that she often feels anxious to talk with the crowd when performing and this shouldn’t be confused with ungratefulness. She then thanked the crowd for the journey they were embarking on together, and for sticking by her through the years.

‘End of the Dream’ erupted a standing applause, here Lee’s voice was particularly heart-shattering. Although ‘Bring Me to Life’ could never escape an honourable mention performed as never heard before; symphonically softer, classically finer.

‘Imaginary’ saw the drummer throw her sticks up in various tricks and fashions – despite most stick-tricks distracting audience members from actual beats and abilities, this drummer could certainly hold it down – and ‘My Immortal’ stood as my song of the evening where we saw Lee fully step into her light, through voice, keys and soul.

Highlight: Lee’s instrumental introduction.

Lowlight: I was longing to hear ‘Call Me When You’re Sober’ which wasn’t performed.

Crowd Favourite: ‘My Immortal’.