E^ST : 'Life Ain't Always Roses'

Melisa Bester returns with an admirable effort.

Picture this: Strikingly colourful and bold wildlife, scintillating Melisa Bester, AKA E^ST, has been providing us with sassy pop tunes for the last four years, but it’s only now that she’s hit us with an album. 
Comprised of just seven tracks, it’s a bit more like an EP than a full-length record, but as the age-old adage goes, it’s about quality over quantity. However, Life Ain’t Always Roses just misses this mark. It’s a shame, because we’ve had some great singles from the Central Coast singer in the lead up to its release.
‘I Don’t Lack Imagination’ has been getting some good airtime lately, and it’s insidiously catchy with it’s bouncy beat and relatable lyrics, as E^ST sings about losing interest in someone once you’ve locked them down. ‘Blowjob’ is also likely to get stuck in your head, and ‘Friends’ is a lovely ode to being there for the important people in your life, but the other songs feel somewhat forced. 
It’s not that they’re bad; they just don’t really stand out. And in a pop-predominant landscape with so much regurgitated material, that’s a crucial element for setting yourself, and your work, apart.