EP Premiere: Fight the Sun unleash a dose of hard-hitting rock

A wall of sound ready to run into. 

Recorded at Melbourne's Homesurgery Recordings under the guidance of Jon Grace, Samuel K and Shihad’s own Tom Larkin comes Fight the Sun's debut EP; a hard-hitting record that captures rockers the band at the top of their game. 

The process saw the group systematically carve down 25 tracks to reach the final four full-throttle bangers. 

“The mission was to get 25 songs to something approximating completion even if it was just a bare bones structure and then whittle it down to four to five songs which we’d go in to record," said the band.

"It may seem excessive when the aim is to record an EP but the reasoning behind it is pretty sound. For one thing, it basically gives you plenty of options to choose from but like with a lot things, the more work and practice you put into something the better it usually gets. Case in point would be ‘Goodbye Gravity’ which is a band favourite song up to this stage." 

Listen to the EP in full below. 


Catch Fight the Sun at Valve Bar, Sydney on Friday February 23; Old Bar, Melbourne on Saturday February 24 and Friday March 9, Rics Bar, Brisbane. More details via their website