Emotions ran wild as Cub Sport's Melbourne show turned into an impassioned showcase of love

Melburnians put on their best overalls, Doc Martens and bum bags over the weekend as they headed to Festival Hall to have their hearts and dancing bones warmed by Cub Sport’s passionate performance.

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Lewis Nixon

Cub Sport’s show at Melbourne's Festival Hall felt like something of a love letter between the band – amongst frontman Tim Nelson and vocalist/keyboardist Sam ‘Bolan’ Netterfield especially – but also for the audience. By being so vulnerable and open in their performance, the band made the crowd feel as though they were an important part in the band’s story.

It was a heart-rending performance, raw in emotion and mesmerising in sound. Both Nelson and Netterfield have previously spoken publicly about their religious upbringings and it appeared as though elements from that may have been adopted in their godlike performance. This was especially noticeable in their set design and production, which invoked Nelson as an otherworldly figure through three giant screens backing the band and extensive lighting.

The height of the show was Nelson opening up about his relationship with fellow band member and husband, Netterfield, and the struggles they faced in coming out at the beginning of their relationship. “Bolan and I fell in love when we were seventeen,” Nelson tells the crowd, alluding to the momentous new song on their latest self-titled album, ‘Party Pill’. “I didn’t want to come out as I thought it would ruin my whole life because I was too scared of what people would think of me.” He then tells the audience that, “it’s more important to live and love than fear. You’re the person you are for a reason”, before finishing off with the high note – pardon the pun – “now we’re married so it all worked out in the end”.

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To really hone in on their love and what it means to their community, Nelson fronted ‘Party Pill’ holding a huge pride flag, which he paraded around the stage. Aiding this emotion were visuals from the couple’s wedding played on the screen – the whole crowd quickly unified in their desperate need for a Kleenex. However, the biggest cheer of the night came when a video of the two’s dog came up on screen.

To finish off the evening, the band performed their recent Like A Version, Billie Eilish’s ‘when the party’s over’. It was a great unifying ending to the band’s emotional performance as the entire audience collectively filled the giant hall in joint singalong.

Cub Sport’s show was a well-rounded emotive performance that tugged on the heart, got your feet moving and made you feel a part of something really special. If ever see these guys live, you might want to wear some waterproof mascara and slot a packet of tissues in the pocket of your denim jacket before you head out.

Highlight: Tim Nelson’s emotional storytelling of his love with fellow band member and husband, Sam ‘Bolan’ Netterfield.

Lowlight: The scramble out of the venue. No one likes a scramble.

Crowd favourite: The visuals of Nelson and Netterfield giving their wedding vowels followed by footage of their dog.

By Marnie Vinall