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Yah Yah's
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The Elvis Presley Tribute: 35th Anniversary Show

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As far as tribute shows go, there could be few more exciting in the land than that planned at Yah Yah’s for the 35thanniversary of Elvis Aaron Presley’s death. The King (of babes) had a lustrously versatile voice and received unusually widespread success covering many genres, which is why hearing a stack of your favourite and varied musicians play his material is going to be so amazing. With a star-spangled array of guest vocalists lined up to celebrate Memphis’ son, including Rob Snarski, Liz Stringer, Jen Cloher, Van Walker, Quincy McLean and Spencer P. Jones, classics from Elvis’s twenty-something years as a musical deity are sure to rock the crowd. We spoke to Oh Mercy man Alex Gow about his involvement in the show, and what we can expect on the night (aside from free peanut butter and jam sandwiches upon arrival).

What's your favourite Elvis song?


It's called Let Yourself Go.


What was it that made the King of Rock'N'Roll so unparalleled?

Nan enjoys telling me that if it wasn't for Elvis and Love Me Tender, "your father wouldn't have been born!"


Of the other performers, who are you most excited to see pay homage to Elvis on the night?

Rob Snarski of the Blackeyed Susans. He's a master.


Do you have anything special planned for your section of the evening?

A quiff.


Aside from the obvious Yah Yah's, what other venues do you think Elvis would populate in modern-day Melbourne?

LuWoW on Johnston Street. Or wherever the girls are.


Can we expect any blue suede shoes or golden suits adorning your body on the night?

I might don a pair of leather pants. Always wanted an excuse...


Tell us something we don't yet know about the gig.

The band are top notch, the singers are some of Melbourne's best. It's going to be a lot of fun.

The Elvis Presley Tribute: 35th Anniversary Show will be held on Thursday August 16 at Yah Yah’s, Fitzroy. Tickets are available from Oztix.com.au, or through Yah Yah’s site which also contains a full list of performers: yahyahs.com.au.