Electronic this week: stalwart of Melbourne clubbing scene Phil K diagnosed with cancer

British producer Ross From Friends aka Felix Clary Weatherall has announced a run of live gigs around the country. The 25-year old has a fistful of releases under his belt and a sound that is the distillation of a myriad of influences from hip-hop, ‘80s Eurobeat, hi-NRG and Italo into modern house and techno. His debut album, Family Portrait, released on Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder label, was one of last year's unexpectedly strong releases, evolving his lofi house aesthetic and taking it to a new level. For the Ross From Friends live set, he’s enlisted the skills of two friends to build out his arrangements – John Dunk on sax and keys and Jed Hampson on electric guitar. Ross from Friends hits Max Watts  on Saturday March 23. 

Long time stalwart of the Melbourne clubbing scene Phil K, has unfortunately fallen on hard times, with an aggressive and unusual cancer that’s forced his doctors to treat him with non-standard methods and medications, that unfortunately, aren’t covered by Medicare. Phil K’s been a practicing DJ since the ‘80s, bringing a signature blend of techno and breakbeat to Melbourne clubs throughout the ‘90s and ‘00s that earned him an enormous list of residencies, festival slots and international supports. His skills on the decks even had him noticed by Pioneer, who got him involved in the development of their DJ equipment. There’s a Gofundme page set up with the full story at gofundme.com/support-phil-k and a fundraiser being held on March 30 at LaDiDa, featuring Anthony Pappa, Aaron Smiles, Aura De Souza, Dave Juric, Gavin Campbell, Gavin Keitel, Ivan Gough & Luke Chable, Jamie Stevens, John Course, Jo Deep, Kasey Taylor, Louay, Muska & Jydn, Nubreed, Ozzie L.A, Philvester, Rollin Connection, Sean Quinn, Tom Pandzic and Trevor Rose. 

Zombi co-founder Steve Moore will release his first solo album in five years on Temporary Residence in May. Beloved Exile features collaborations with harpist Mary Lattimore, Tunisian singer-songwriter Emel Mathlouthi and percussionist Jeff Gretz. According to the label, Beloved Exile takes inspiration from vintage ambient synth libraries, new age music and menacing horror movies. The Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle provided the song and album titles.The first single is ‘Your Sentries Will Be Met With Force,’ which sees Emel providing wordless singing over Steve Moore’s dark, synthwave/film score-inspired instrumentals. Hopefully we see him do an album tour run in Australia with the collaborators.