Electronic: Stranger is back at Sub Club, Xe54 host secret international guest, and Boney are keeping your Sugar Mountain kicking on

On Friday January 19, Citipower are hosting Japanese crate digger and record store owner Mitsuki at Hugs&Kisses. His Osaka store Mole Music is an institution that caters for diggers of deep, minimal and playful house from the last two decades. A busy man in Japan, Mitsuki curates the shelves of Mole Music, runs a local distribution outfit and regularly co-hosts the ‘Deeperama’ parties alongside DJ Sprinkles, where the pair play back to back, open to close. Kicks off at 10pm.

Elsewhere in the city, Stranger is back at The Sub Club, this time with Berlin acid house wizard Milton Bradley with local support from Craig McWhinney, Jono Brayshaw, Patrick Stokes and Tom Mohr. Bradley started the label Do Not Resist the Beat! in 2008 and has released a string of records that have made Bradley one of the key names in Berlin techno. Kicks off at 10pm.

Over at Banana:Peach on Friday, UK DJ/producer Actress is on selecting duties. Actress had a big 2017 with the release of his fifth album AZD, featuring 12 tracks that cross a wide range of genres and moods. In his words AZD is “non-dance based civilian mind groove, mapped to an external soul beyond the collapsing black hole. Music is chaos. R.I.P Music.” Which sums it up nicely I think. Local support comes from Moopie, Hymns and Jennifer Loveless, kicks off at 10pm.

On Saturday, Xe54 are keeping tight-lipped about a secret international guest headlining the night. My guess it’s someone in the country for Sugar Mountain festival, or possibly even Electric Gardens festival that’s hitting other states. Support duties have been given to Patrice Baumel and Bella Sarris.

Over at The Toff on Saturday, Beaút is back for its 21st instalment. For their first party of 2018, Beaút are exploring the theme of ‘lightness’ and delving into the realm of nature for the first time in a collaboration with local florist/sculptor XX_ Flos. Performing live will be Oscar Key Sung and Rainbow Chan with selectors Chiara Kickdrum and Salvador Darling providing the soundtrack to your enlightenment. Kicks off at 8.30pm.

Around at Boney, Sugar Mountain are throwing their official after party with the UK’s Shanti Celeste bringing her smooth blend of house and disco-funk alongside locals Sam Weston (Live), Nite Fleit, Hysteric, Love Deluxe, Post Percy, Who and Jake Judd. If you’re heading for the festival too don’t take your wristband off – you’ll get discounted entry if you rock up wearing it. Kicks off at 9pm.